Friday, June 30, 2017

Galiano again, and Saturna

A week on the tail end of spring, to return to the islands.  I pick Saturna! I realise that getting two buses from downtown that connect to Tsawwassen ferries that go directly to Saturna just don't want to match up, even if I were willing to be up at 4am.  I'm eager to get this show on the road, so I'll pick Galiano as the gateway to the southern Gulf islands and get a transferring ferry from there.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Back to the Caribou

May long weekend found me back to the Caribou Chilcotin, visiting the same family I had seen a few years ago here.  Their licky puppy is still licky despite being older and more sensible, and is now joined by a large chocolate lab who enthusiastically (and loudly) bounces off floors, walls, and people.  I saw no caribou.  Either I went to where the sun was or the sun finally caught up with the season, but I welcomed the reprieve from rain and could finally ride in a convertible with the top down without bundling my head in a scarf like a Russian babushka!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gone to Galiano

I had a week to not be accountable to anyone for my whereabouts and activities.  I'm blessed with friends that invite me out with them and are a pleasure to do something - or nothing - with, but could do with a little alone-time.  And itching to be camping in the woods since January, but this has been a dreary wet spring slow to start.  Apparently I'm still pushing the 'camping season' as I was about to be rained on plenty...
Anyway Vancouver is next to one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, many islands easily accessible by ferry, so eeny-meany-miney-mo I choose Galiano! Not sure what I expected to find aside from the ferry terminal, marina, and a pub.  Let's explore shall we?

Day 1 - I caught the ferry from Tsawwassen around 6-ish after an early dinner.  Excitement started to kick in after I purchased my $20 foot passenger ticket - money spent means it's more concrete action than a dreamy plan - and I shot through the maze of corridors to the waiting room, which had a nice view of the west where I'd be heading.  Sunset this day would be no colors at all, just shades of deepening grey and an elusive sun that refracted off layers of cloud deceptively till its final bow.  The clouds were not foreboding or worrisome, just muted and serene.  I was awake and gladly undisturbed for the duration of the crossing.
The ferry docked at Sturdies Bay around 8-ish, and I had some daylight left to hunt for a few geocaches.  A friendly guy on motorized scooter greeted me on the road from the ferry and asked if I had any questions or needed a map, and I didn't think to inquire about bears on the island.
When I lost the light I still had my wee flashlight, that I was skulking around Bellhouse Park with.  The ferries were a wall of not-to-distant lights against dark sky, water, and trees, rumbled through the pass with a droning horn I suppose the locals would be used to, like living next to a train or airport.  The frogs started seemingly precisely at 10pm, and I headed north, my plan to get north quickly and take my time wandering back south for the ferry back.
I walked till I was tired and felt like stopping, and found a patch of moss in the forest close to the trail along the road but still discrete.  Still concerned about bears I tied my food in a bag up a tree, admittedly nowhere near high or far enough away from my tent but better than nothing.  A crash descending a tree watched me with two yellow eyes.  I talked to it, not yelling as to not disturb the residents, but apparently I'm not menacing enough.  "Shoo! You should be scared of me!".  The faceless yellow eyes just bobbed, unsure whether this was an invitation or a genuine concern.  It decided to move away slowly down the trail, looking back as if to say I know where you live...
The moss was cushioning but the concealed many lumps of logs or stumps that I contorted my body around to sleep.  I didn't sleep so much as just rest lying down with my pack off my back and a roof over my head, sometimes that's enough.  No animal disturbed my hanging food, but thinking that they might kept me awake anyway, listening.  Sometime in the night it started to rain, and my breath made condensation inside so I further contorted myself around puddles.
I moved when it was light enough, around 6am.

Day 2 - Proceeding north along the main road with a jumbo chocolate cookie for breakfast.  I saw some deer, little traffic and no people.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Blessings for my loved ones.

All of you.  You know who you are.
March is typically a time of springtime celebration, and now we are officially in spring.  Vancouver has a Celticfest roughly around St.Patrick's Day so I get my dose of lively jigs and reels (which I missed this year).  The yacht club will have its first cruise of the year to the same tried-and-true cabin in Snug Cove,  And my birthday is coming up which finds both myself and others at least feigning to dedicate some time to meeee! I need no gifts, I just like the self-indulgent pampering.
Yet it seems to be on the back burner as I've made poor or at least loose plans for such occasion.  I have friends with health problems both physical and mental that I wish I could resolve or assist, which has just left me with my wheels spinning.
So my birthday wish is for you, for you to know you are loved and that I hope you heal.  This post is for you.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The words don't fit the picture

An art installation outside the central public library reads "The words don't fit the picture". This post has nothing to do with that.

In essence February has been rather disappointing for me. Thankfully it's nothing catastrophic and clearly there are many worse off than I, so I don't plan on devoting webspace complaining at length. As far as reporting on overall monthly activities, I've just had several consecutive instances of plans I was looking forward to falling through, thus leaving me feeling resentful that it wasted my time dedicated to attending these events.  That's all.  Simply cancelled due to snow making transportation difficult - remember the snow I featured here? It seems this isn't as fleeting as I'd thought it would be, and as it drags on is becoming less cute and more of a nuisance.  It retards my garden for both work and pleasure.
That being said, I still had a nice time mid-month for the Variety Telethon, wine festival and Valentine's Day, which all fell during the same week.  My month improved with the better weather and good company, which made me ruminate more on my social life and how tied I am/should be to others.  My social calendar is scant compared other party people but significantly more than I had as a child or teenager.  I was quite content being a self-contained creative source focused on schoolwork or hobbies, because my world was small then, I had no opportunity to go or do much else.  Perhaps I should resume that lifestyle again and just relinquish any faith in future plans, especially those that rely on the attendance/participation of others.  I'm tired of being disappointed, and now it doesn't even faze me and I'm grateful anything actually comes to fruition.  I can only count on myself.  I'll be a hermitess.
And yet a fortune cookie I received at the Chinese New Year Parade commands me to "Do more, learn more",  Curiosity and restlessness I always feel in the spring.  I feel like I want to make plans and have something exciting to look forward to, but it's easier if I simply don't care about the results that unfold.
So since these words are a bit of a bummer, I will present the first flowers of spring, a gift to my readers! Much better!